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Featured Speaking Engagements

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Embracing Energy Innovation; Capitol Hill, Washington, DC; June 28, 2016

Topic: Energy, Innovation, and Corporate Leadership


American Petroleum Institute Vote 4 Energy; Washington, DC; June 21, 2016;

Topic: Energy and the Elections


Capitol Hill Ocean Week; Washington, DC; June 8, 2016

Topic: A Changing Offshore Energy Portfolio


U.S. Assoc. for Energy Economics Conference; Washington, DC; April 13, 2016;

Topic: Beyond the Rhetoric: The Energy Economics of Addressing Climate Change


American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy and Resources' Fall Conference, Chicago, Illinois;  October 30, 2015

Topic:  Litigating the Administration’s Clean Power Plan


2015 Carbon Forum North America; New York, NY; September 24, 2015

Topic:  Implications of the Clean Power Plan: Is There a Future for Emissions Trading?


2015 Combined Heat and Power Conference; Washington, DC; September 15, 2015

Topic:  Keynote Address:  Energy Policy and the Press


Progressive Policy Institute, Washington, DC; June 10, 2015

Topic:  Future Grid: The Role of Federal and State Energy Policy in 2025


2015 Department of Energy ARPA-E Summit, Washington, DC; February 10, 2015

Topic:  Let's debate:  Is natural gas a bridge, detour or destination fuel to a low carbon future?


The Pew Charitable Trusts, The New Energy Landscape: Policy and Progress in 2015, Washington, DC; February 3, 2015

Topic:  Looking into the Congressional crystal ball


Large Public Power Council Post Election Forum, Washington, DC; December 10, 2014

Topic:  Previewing the 114th Congress


RealClearPolitics Energy Summit:  U.S. Energy Policy and the Midterm Elections, Washington, DC; October 16, 2014

Topic:  U.S. EPA's Clean Power Plan and climate change


International Emissions Trading Association's Carbon Forum North America, New York City; September 23, 2014

Topic: Perspectives on EPA CO2 guidelines for existing sources; Best System of Emissions Reductions; Rate vs. mass-based standards 

2014 Energy Efficiency Global Forum (EE Global), Washington, DC; May 20, 2014
Topic: Role of governments in increasing efficiency through regulations and federal climate plans

American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), Washington, DC; April 11, 2014
Topic: National storylines impacting the U.S. clean energy sector 

25th Annual Rocky Mountain Energy Summit, Denver, Colorado; August 7, 2013
Topic: The Wildly Divergent Views of Oil and Gas Potential

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, DC; May 21, 2013
Topic: America’s Energy Future: Keystone XL

Nuclear Energy Institute’s Communicating Nuclear Issues Conference, Naples, Florida; February 19, 2013
Topic: The 113th Congress: Salient Issues and Industry Priorities

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Unconventional Oil Symposium, Washington, DC; January 9, 2013
Topic: Oil Choices: Policy & the Public Interest

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Presidential Energy Debate, Cambridge, Massachusetts; October 5, 2012
Served as questioner during debate

International Emissions Trading Association’s Carbon Expo 2011, Barcelona, Spain; June 1, 2011
Topic: North American Plenary Session

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